Some Expert Tips for Grill : Who Makes Expert Grills

Who Makes Expert Grills

Few things in life are better-gonna play – fresh food that’s hot off the grill especially your grill. Today I am going to share my grill tips for you.

Some Expert Tips for Grill :


1. Aluminum Foil Grate Scrubber

You probably already know how frustrating grills can be to clean. But did you know that you can simplify the process and cut costs just by using aluminium foil and an onion? It’s true instead of using a metal brush shape a piece of aluminium foil into a ball and grab it with your tongs while the grill grate is still hot scrape away.
I love this trick, because with this trick, no more littering your grill with those pesky metal bristles for an even more in-depth clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

Big Poppas also share how to clean up your grill in this video :

So if you get called on the restaurant for a family party or whatever, and it’s in a hurry there’s a quick way. It’s not the best way, but there’s a quick way to clean up your grill. Take a piece of heavy-duty aluminium full. Tear it about the size of the cooking grid light. The restaurant is sure that you have the lid open light. The restaurant turns the burners to high and closes the lid. What we’re doing is working kind of like a self-cleaning oven, and this is going to happen fast.

So within five minutes or less, we’re going to heat really. Those cooking grids up and we’re going to loosen up all of that crud that’s built upon them over time. Once that temperatures up there carefully because it’s going to be hot remove your aluminium foil ball it up because chances are if they don’t clean their grill they don’t have a brush handy. Use the balled up aluminium foil as a brush to bring those grids back bright and clean. Lightly all the cooking grids and you’re ready to go.


2. Onion Rub Grime Killer

Slice an onion in half and firmly rub the cut side along the hock rates with your tongs the moisture and acid. The onion will help loosen the baked-on grit and grime.


3. Propane Gauge Hot Water Hack

If you’re using a gas grill, the last thing you want is to run out of propane mid-cook. If you don’t have a scale, I have another trick. You can use some hot water to gauge how much propane is left. Just tilt the canister to the side and pour the boiling water up and down the length of the tank. Set it back upright and touch the bottom where there is propane the tank will feel cool.


4. Stick-Free Fish

If the whole tank feels warm, you’re all out time to fuel up love grilling fish but hate how quickly it gets stuck in the grates. Try making a bed of lemons then cook the fish on top. Not only will it save your grill from a sticky, flaky mess but it will enhance your meal with an extra fresh citrus flavour YUM.


5. The Trick to Tenderness

Your guests will be begging to know your secret do you want your burgers to be juicy and tender. Of course, you do, but it can be tricky to give your burger patties a 5-star taste and keeps them from drying out. Try cooking them with a dollop of butter on top or for healthy alternative ice chips work great too.


6. No Burn Kebab

Kebabs are a great way to cook shrimp veggies or smaller pieces of meat on the grill. To prevent your wooden skewers from drying out or Catching Fire soak them in a bowl of water for 15 to 20 minutes. You can use two skewers of each kebab to make sure. They don’t slip while you flip for more great hacks.

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